AreaRom for Samsung Galaxy Precedent

While we cover quite a lot of Android devices and their ROMs, we just missed out Samsung Galaxy Precedent. But we are finally back to our Precedent readers with a Gingerbread treat. Samsung Galaxy Precedent runs on Android 2.2 Froyo but thanks to The Area 51 Group for compiling this Gingerbread ROM for Samsung Galaxy Precedent. This is not an official Gingerbread update for Galaxy Precedent but it’s a custom ROM which might have some bugs. But there are very less chances of any bugs because this is a stable ROM. In this post we will guide you with the tutorial to install this ROM along with its features and screen captures.

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Features of AreaROM 2.3 on Galaxy Precedent

  • Custom BootAnimation
  • Advanced Task Killer – Preinstalled
  • has the latest in Malware Protection
  • New Frameworks
  • added GPS tweaks
  • added ad blocking hosts file
  • increased max window manager events to 150
  • added 3g tweaks
  • Kernel Tweak added 2/23/12 Now you can Get MORE INTERNAL Storage Space by Having a /sd-ext partition, (still works without it) but this is a nice new feature to AreaRom, my Current Phone has almost a gig internal storage now, before installing this if you would like to make use of it use the CWM advanced Partition SD Card feature to create a /sd-ext partition then reformat the sdcard copy the file to it and install normally ENJOY the NEW Space to Install APPS
  • Deodexd
  • Zipaligned
  • Pre-rooted
  • Enabled stagefright
  • new APNS Config Files for MMS Pic Msging
  • ICS Transitions Preinstalled
  • Full Set ICS Sounds (Ringtones, Alarms, UI, Notifications)
  • AOSP Launcher2 and Mms Packages Installed No More Issues with Pic Msging

Screen Captures

Area ROM on Galaxy Precedent    Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy Precedent


The Steps to install this ROM are on Page 2.

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