Banckle- Business Collaboration Suite & Social Apps

If you own a Business, Banckle would be of great use to you. Banckle offers all the key collaboration tools which your Business needs. These tools include file sharing, web conferencing, live and group chat, email server, remote access, site search, and enterprise-level instant messaging. All these tools are available from a single dashboard and it is free to use for the first one year.Banckle Business Collaboration Suite

Banckle Applications

Live Chat and Group Chat

Live Chat is obviously necessary if you want to provide support to your customers. With the help of Live Chat you would stay just a click away from your customers. Also finding solutions to problems is made easier using Live Chat and a few more features below.

Email Server

Banckle also provides you with an Email Server. It is a collaborative email platform which supports multiple protocols, linking feeds and social streams, integrating text/video chats, and producing video emails.

Online Meeting

Using this, you can host online meeting with your colleagues and webinars. It works in realtime and is highly reliable. Anyone can participate in these activities easily.

Site Search

Site Search feature helps you search for various file types like HTML, text, xml, Microsoft Office Files – Word, Excel & RTF.

Remote Access

Remote Access provides you with IT helpdesk support using Remote Desktop, Remote Access and Remote Sharing tool. It is fast, secure and reliable.

File Sharing

Banckle also offers file sharing feature where you can share your files very easliy.Your files are hosted on the cloud. No need of any FTP server or any other hosts.

Feedback Capture

This is one of the most essential apps because getting feedback from your customers would be of high priority to you. Using feedback you can develop more efficient business strategies.

Banckle is an essential collaboration suite which satisfies all your business needs and the best part is that you can try it for free for one year. Do let us know your feedback in the comments section.

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