HOW TO Root LG Optimus Me P350 After Firmware Update

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LG Optimus Me P350 is a low end Android phone with not very good performance. I own one but I’m not pretty happy with its performance but it does its job considering its price and is much better than its competitors Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Pop. Rooting such a low end Android phone is advisable as it improves the performance and you can also uninstall apps like LG Mobile TV, uninstall stock music application and install ICS Music player and much more. (I’m eagerly waiting to taste ICS on this device ;))

Why Should You Root Your Device?

I guess I’m the one who can give you the best answer about it as I have a rooted LG Optimus Me in my hand and yes, I did the right job. Here are a few reasons for the same:

  • Rooting lets you customize your device in a much better way as you can access the root files of Android OS.
  • You can remove system Apps such as LG TV (only if you don’t like it ;)) and free up space on your phone. LG Optimus Me offers 190MB of free space which is quite less isn’t it?
  • Convert the file system of current RFS to the faster ext4 file formats
  • Convert Downloaded apps to system Apps
  • Install Custom ROMs is the best advantage of rooting LG Optimus Me. After rooting it, you can install Custom Recovery or a Cyanogenmod Rom.

Why Should You Not Root Your Device

There are not many reasons for not rooting, however please note that your warranty would be void after you root your device or install custom ROMs. But this is not irreversible. You can always roll back to the stock ROM. The second method mentioned below lets you go back to stock ROM on LG Optimus Me P350. Just don’t root it in the second method and you will have the stock ROM + warranty 🙂 If you face any issues regarding this, you can comment below and I will be happy to help you!

The Steps to root can be found on Page 2.

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  • cosminpopescu92

    after i’ve installed the original firmware , as you said, the phone started well , but when i unlock the screen it starts giving me error messages that the browser crashed , that the messaging service crashes (without even touching them), what’s happening ?

    • Hi,
      You can try clearing the cache! If that does not work, back up your important data and reset the phone!

  • mansour

    what do u mean by reset? how can i reset my phone?

    • Go to Settings->Privacy->Factory Data Reset. All the data on your phone will be wiped off!

  • Lionel

    Thanks for he tutorial works fine Thanks

  • Will it work ?? , because I updated my version from V10c To V10e

    • The second method must be followed if you have updated! Did you update it with the official LG Update Tool?

  • Why you need to download official LG Stock Rom for P350 that is Version v10e
    and can you make a method how to make LG p350 Gingerbread??

  • the official Rom I guess is V10c not V10F

  • ashwin

    thanks….. information posted by u were useful….

  • Filip Kolenkovic

    Can somebody make a video on youtube how to do it ?

    • I have LG P350 with which I did it, I may have to repeat this process on my phone. Let me try 🙂

  • Derek Charles Allen

    I did option 2 after firmware update, but had to flash it twice and Gingerbreak twice. Everytime the phone now boots I get an “error, messaging” and “error, email stopped working, please try again”, but they still work. It HAS speeded up my phone a LOT, though. No regrets…

    • I am using this phone though I did not get any errors! The error is because of file permissions. Since you have rooted your phone now, you can install ROM Manager and click on “Fix file Permissions” Your phone reboots after that and hopefully, you won’t get any such error messages.
      I’m glad that it speeded up your phone! 🙂

    • Derek Charles Allen

      Hmmm… I installed ROM Manager, tried to fix file permissions, granted it through Superuser and I got “An error occured while attempting to run priviledged commands!”

      Do you have any idea what’s wrong?

    • Can you tell me the version of ROM Manager you are using? Have you installed BusyBox & Titanium Backup? You will need both these apps to fix some issues. Also note, with the help of Titanium Backup you can uninstall some unwanted stock apps such as LG TV or any other app which you don’t need. This will free up space. The fix permissions error is because there is not a copy of busybox in the proper place

    • Derek Charles Allen

      ROM Manager is the latest from android market – v.

      Also, things were getting worse: before on reboot I had 2 errors (messaging mms & email), later I had “Android phone has stopped working” and I had to unlock my SIM card twice or three times.

      Busybox installed and ROM manager is now fixing permissions… Done – you should now reboot your phone. OK.

      Now on reboot I sometimes have 1 error – messaging stopped working (though it seems to work), sometimes 2 errors (email, again though it seems to work)
      but in the menu I have 2*Settings, 2*messaging and 2*camera icons!?!

      Will continue using / testing / rebooting to see what’s what…

    • If nothing works out try to back up all applications and contacts and reset factory data!

    • Derek Charles Allen

      Thanks for the advice. Testing reboots with / without SDcard continues to give unpredictable behavoir. The best = 2 errors on reboot, but the errors which are [Force Close] for & don’t seem to affect messaging nor email, after seeing error message the phone pinged to say I had received new email which I confirmed. The worst is which sometimes fails twice or three times, so I have to unlock the SIM repeatedly. I migth factory reset (already tried the LG updater which now doesn’t work “newest firmware already installed”), but as I said once it is fully booted and cool, it’s much faster than before, so no regrets. 🙂

    • That’s great. Happy New Year 🙂

    • Derek Charles Allen

      I factroy restored. It’s now blazing fast! And freed up some memory, thanks! Happy new year.. 😉

  • Thanks Lalit Ive done it Thank you for your useful INSTRUCTIONS 😀 Happy new year:D

  • Can you help me with my android market when i download 5 apps it only download 1 by 1

    • It will download one by one only! You can not download 5 at a time 🙂

  • jean pierre

    Hello: i firmware updated my mobile with v10f and then installed the gingerbreak v1.1 but it doesn´t work, I can´t install gingerbreak v1.2. It appears a message saying ” Not sure what happened here. Either the exploit failed or the reboot failed. Reboot manually and see if you have super user” can you help me??
    And Happy new year!!

    • Happy new year Jean 🙂
      What happens on Manual Reboot? If superuser did not appear, what happens when you run Gingerbreak after manual reboot?

    • jean pierre

      I don´t know understand the manual reboot. I switch off the phone and wait 30 seconds and turn it on and nothing. No superuser, i run the gingerbreak again and nothing. It is that the way to reboot manually?? Am i doing it good?
      Thansk a lot for the help

    • Yes, that is manual reboot! Are you sure you have v10f? Go to Settings>About Phone>Software version. Is that v10f?

    • jean pierre

      Yes , is says Software version: lg-p350g-v10f. I also have installed as i said the gingerbreak v1.2 and v1.o but when i tried to run them it doesn´t work. Please help me!. I spent the whole day day updating and trying to root my mobile yesterday. It was too slow it got better with the update but i need to root it

    • Previously when you tried to root the phone with Gingerbreak, did the phone restart automatically? If it did, you might have got root access but not the Superuser app. In that case you can install superuser from here

    • jean pierre

      No, it didn´t restart automatically since the first time i tried, always the same mesage i mentioned previously. How can i know if i got root access?? Personally i don´t think so with all the tings you are telling me. Should i install the superuser even i f i´m not sure about my root access?? This is driving me crazy!! Thanks for your help

    • jean pierre

      I am also thinking that i might have done something wrong during the KDZ v10f installation. You mention something about lg driver i downloaded to my pc but my phone was connected via USB, Was that right? or Do ineed the driver in my mobile? Another thing when i was downloading the v10f at the it came out a little message saying error with p26 or something one of those hundreds of numbers but the mobile did say switch off and say finished

    • I guess you might have separate drivers for lg p350g. I’m sorry I don’t understand any web page that is about lg p350g. It appears in a different language!

    • Hi Jean,
      It appears that you are from Peru and your phone is not being rooted because it is LG P350g and not LG P350! Unfortunately Gingerbreak does not seem to work for LG P350g. After a few minutes of Google search for “LG P350G” I found all the pages were in Spanish or some other language which I could not understand and Google Translate did not prove helpful. Can you please check the following links and tell me what is the difference between P350 and P350g? Link1 Link2
      Also search for “LG P350G root” Let me know what you infer. I’m sorry, I don’t now any other language other than English!

    • jean pierre

      Hello, i can not find any difference or any explanation between lg p350g and p350. I am still looking for webs to root this mobile p350g. If you find something please let me know.Thanks

    • Hi Jean,
      This tool might help you out 🙂 Let me know if it works 😀

    • jean pierre meri

      I couldn’t install the unlock root.exe file, I don’t understand how i can install the driver , is it inside the mobile or in the de computer, i transfer the file to my mobile but i can’t open in my mobile, it says file “type exe not found”. I have tried to install the unlock root.exe file but i couldn’t it says “failed to get shell root” . I’ve got the file in my computer but it doesn’t end with .exe anymore it is onle unlock root 22. Please help me

  • I accidentally pin lock screen My LG p350 can you help me Unlocking it?

  • I don’t know why you said its better than Galaxy pop and Y, but let me remind you that galaxy pop has 600MHz processor which is Optimus me P350 doesn’t has. and both are larger than 3 inch touchscreen.

    • That was my opinion about it. I’ve used all the three phones

  • Nilabh

    Still not rooting my LG optimus P 350 after following all the procedure.
    Ginger break gives the message “not sure what happened here, reboot your phone manually and check if you have super access.

    • Did you update your firmware using the LG Update tool? Which method did you try?

    • Nilabh

      I used LG update tool 4 days back. But as per your instructions I have reinstalled the stock version and it now shows v10f. Installing the stock firmware works just fine, but gingerbreak does not do anything. Just gets stuck on the message I mentioned in the previous comment. should I factory reset my phone and then try?

    • Hey Nilabh, I’m using the same phone and I have installed the stock ROM and rooted it plenty of times! Did you reboot manually and try to install superuser through market?

    • Nilabh

      I downloaded a basic root checker from market and it says “proper root access in not available”.

      I am doing it again after resetting my phone. but with the same result. Where can I get the unlockroot file?

    • Nilabh

      Will be great if you can come on chat and guide me step by step. Not asking for much I suppose.

    • Okay, contact me on Facebook here

    • Nilabh

      did not get any link for facebook, it just opens my account

    • Nilabh

      Thank you very much for the support. My phone is now rooted.

  • Nilabh


    You can root you Optimus P350 with Superoneclick. Just down load the software from , reboot your phone and then connect it to your pc. Click Root and you are done.

    Note: You need to have V10f installed on your phone before running SuperOneClick. Follow the procedure described above to install the stock ROM.
    (Gingerbreak did not work for me)

    Lalit instructed step by step and I was able to root my phone real easy.

    • jean pierre meri

      Hi, it the programa doesn’t work in my computer, Can you guide step by step? i can not root my lg p350 yet

    • Which program? and What error do you get while you run superoneclick on your PC?

    • jean pierre meri

      Yeah the message it is ” microsoft windows has stop working, some error happening”.
      Also another thing when i try to use the unlockroot , when i connect my phone with USB debuggng ticked, the computer doesn’t recognize the mobile. I don’t understand what is happening, btw any email or face where i can contact you to guide me step by step , this is really annoying. I am spending a lot of time trying and nothing, thanks a lot

    • Yes, you can contact me on Facebook here

    • RC

      I cannot root the Gingerbreak to my phone.. when i root it, its stock on loading for more than 15 minutes.. it doesn’t restart.. how can i resolve that? thanks!

    • Did you update your phone using the LG tool? If yes, you need to use the second method!

    • AZEn

      thnks bro i m sucessfully root my lg p350 with SUPERONECLICK …. before m not able to root my android cuz i m updated it but now m able to rooot my phone with this soft 😉

    • Mitesh

      Hey man the link shows an FBI warning..
      If you were able to root your phone,
      please help me root mine..!!!

    • Which link?

  • arenapetrol

    Nod 32 blocks gingerbreak download because of an apparent trojan threat. Should I ignore it, do you know about that?

  • Alex

    Is there Serbian language in this stock rom ? I have V10c but there is only few languages o.O

    • No, this ROM does not have Serbian language!

    • RC

      I cannot root the Gingerbreak to my phone.. when i root it, its stock on loading for more than 15 minutes.. it doesn’t restart.. how can i resolve that? pls answer! thanks! :))

    • mofox

      Alex, did you manage to root the phone? I have the same problem 🙂 By the way “lep pozdrav iz Slovenije” 🙂

  • yogesh

    i updated my lg p350 to v10f and i tried ginger brek for rooting so many times it wont roots ma mobile phone plz help me…m also eager to install custom roms…

    • If you have updated your phone, you need to try the second method “Root LG Optimus Me After Firmware Update”

  • qazi

    i did as per ur instructions, i did even got superuser, but it is not showing any applications installed…..

  • qazi

    i did as per ur instructions, i did even got superuser, but it is not showing any applications installed….. also how to uninstall lg tv via superuser…

    • Did your phone reboot automatically? If yes, you can download superuser from Market. To uninstall system apps like LG TV, you can use Titanium Back up Application!

  • qazi

    is any possibility to upgrade lg-p350(optimus me) to android 2.3(gingerbread)???

  • shubham ninawe

    thnx lalit bhaiya ,.,.,. for sharing the information ,..,i have successfully .,,. rooted my lg p350 ,.,. a very big thnx

    • shubham ninawe

      hey .,,. bhaiya .,., i also want to ask how to overlock this set??

    • My next tutorial will be about overclocking LG Optimus Me 🙂

  • Dude

    HOW TO Root LG Optimus Me P350 After Firmware Update?

    Hi Lalit, I’m kind of dissapointed 🙁 I was actually expecting tutorial how to root updated firmware and not some old stock version (V10a in my case). So the question is, what happens with root access when I use LG Update tool, which gives me V10e (latest in my country)? And is there any way to root V10e?

    • Hi “Dude”
      There is currently only one tool developed EXCLUSIVELY to root LG Optimus Me and it does not work with the updated firmware version. As far as the title of this post is concerned, it means “If you have updated the firmware version, you can roll back to the stock version and root it again”

      Regarding your disappointment, I don’t really think you have a reason to be disappointed because I can still give you a solution to root your phone, though you have updated it!

      Currently there is no way to root v10e. You don’t need to be disappointed because you are not paying anyone that you expect a rooting tool for the updated firmware. You should be HAPPY that you get all this for FREE without any pains. In this case, the developers of Gingerbreak (who do all this for free for people like us) would be disappointed if they see this comment. I didn’t mean to be rude, but I guess you should appreciate the android developers for developing a tool which can root the stock version at least!


    • Dude

      I was just hoping to find the solution because I didn’t know there is no way to root V10e. I didn’t mean to be ungrateful. Thanks for you answer and sorry if I offended you.

    • I didn’t mean to be rude eirhert. Let me know if i can help you in any way.

    • mofox

      Ok, I will try it again this evening. When the phone is ON I and connected to PC I can see the “USB Debugging Connected”. I must say that you tutorial is not for Android newbs. I bought the phone 2 days ago with the reason I could use CyanogenMod and now this :). You didnt mention that a filemanager (Astro) program is needed. I found that on another tutorial. I apreciate that you help me! TNX!

  • AZEn

    tell me how cn we reach android system recovery in lg p350 to install rom i ve seen many videos they install rom through system recovery told me whole procedure i download zip file of rom but i cant install it !!!

  • mofox

    Hey. I bought this phone yesterday just cause it is possible to upload the cynanogen mod. Now I need some info.

    Android version
    Version number
    Software version

    Since I couldnt find what software version do I need for the GingerBreak to work (it doesnt do anything), could you please tell me if I should update it via LG software or use your second method or the SuperOneClick, …

    • No, don’t do the mistake of updating it with the LG tool. Try it with Gingerbreak and let me know if it works!

    • mofox

      I tried it and it doesnt work. It its writen:
      Running exploit…

      And it stays so as long as I leave it. Any suggestion?

    • Oh well, then you have the updated firmware. Try the second method and see if it works. It is risky, so you decide whether you wish to do it.

    • mofox

      Is there any way to check what firmware it is?

    • Go to settings>About phone

    • mofox

      Why is it risky? Could I fu*k up the phone?

    • If your phone’s USB Debugging is working, there are less chances of getting it fu*ked up. You can give a try though!

    • mofox

      There is no Firmware to see.

    • In settings>about phone, what is the Android version and Kernel version? Also let me know all other info available!

    • mofox

      As I mentioned in my first post:

      Android version
      Kernel version
      [email protected] #2
      Thu Sep 22 17:50:50 SIOT 2011
      Build number
      Software version

    • Seems like you have an updated firmware. Follow the second half of the tutorial. Download KDZ updater and stock ROM and then root it!

    • mofox

      Kernel version
      [email protected] #2
      Thu Sep 22 17:50:50 IST 2011

    • mofox

      It is not working:

      I have downloaded the USB Driver and installed it.
      launched the KDZ Done like on your image.
      Disconnected the phone.
      Unmounted the battery
      Went into emergency mode
      Connected the phone
      Started the KDZ and this is what I get:

      [R&D Test Tools Log File]

      21:09:06 : Launching SW update
      21:09:06 : Unpacking KDZ
      21:09:07 : KDZ file extraced
      21:09:08 : Files were extracted.
      21:09:08 : LGMobileDL Load.
      21:09:08 : Port = -1
      21:09:08 : Connecting to phone
      21:09:13 : PHONE WAS NOT FOUND!
      21:09:15 : ===FINISHED===

    • mofox

      I had USB debug ON and the Mass storage OFF. If this means anything.

    • Have Mass Storage ON. So do you mean your computer does not recognize the phone when connected? Also do you see a notification in phone which says “USB Debugging Connected”?

    • mofox

      Ok, I will try it again this evening. When the phone is ON I and connected to PC I can see the “USB Debugging Connected”. I must say that you tutorial is not for Android newbs. I bought the phone 2 days ago with the reason I could use CyanogenMod and now this . You didnt mention that a filemanager (Astro) program is needed. I found that on another tutorial. I apreciate that you help me! TNX!

    • mofox


      It worked with the USB storage ON. And I could root it also. Now I face the problem when I want to install Custom recovery. Check this cmd lines. The persmision is denied.

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb devices
      List of devices attached
      80A358304045574773 device

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb push recovery-RA-p
      ecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img /sdcard/
      failed to copy ‘recovery-RA-pecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img’ to ‘/sdcard//recovery-RA-p
      ecan-2.2.1-GNM-drap.img’: Permission denied

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb push flash_image /
      failed to copy ‘flash_image’ to ‘/sdcard//flash_image’: Permission denied

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb shell
      $ su
      # mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1 /system
      # cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image
      # chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image
      # sync$ $ su
      # mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1 /system
      # cat /sdcard/flash_image > /system/bin/flash_image
      $: permission denied
      $ $ # chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image
      $ $

    • The “$” and “#” symbol should come on its own and you need not type it. To push the files on to your memory card, you need to change the directory to the folder where you have extracted the custom recovery files. You can copy the custom recovery files to the platform tools folder and then give it a try. Let me know if you face any issues. Also, you can refer to a comment by Dele which may be helpful!

    • mofox

      Hey Lalit.

      I managed to get CyanogenMod on my phone. I found out I lost all my contacts :D. I did a backup in the recovery. Is there a way I can get the contacts back? I didn’t think it would erase them from my SIM so I didnt sync it with the LG PC suite. Thanks for all the help!

    • Well, in the prerequisites I had mentioned that you should backup contacts to the SD Card. Anyway, if you had them on the SIM, they are safe. However, the CyanogenMod ROM does not recognize SIM Contacts (It doesn’t recognize mine) So you can perhaps insert the SIM in some other phone and get the vcf backup file to the SD Card of your phone. After this, you can import contacts to your phone form the SD Card 😀

    • mofox

      I will put my SIM in my friends phone and he will send me the contacts via bluetooth. Atleast we will try to do it so.

  • Ronnie

    Hi, Lalit…..
    I’ve updated my phone s/w to v10f…. Gingerbreak didnt work as expexted….. tried the superoneclick but, on pc, it failed to open displaying some error….
    error kinda those that display when a game crashes due to lack of some .dll file….. can you help…??

  • Ronnie

    Hi, Lalit…
    Thanx man…. Your trick did work for me too…..:) Man, you wont believe, I spend more than 48 hrs trying to root ma phone…. and then ultimately the efforts paid up and thats just only cuz of your blog……….I’m very very grateful to you…. Thanx budd….:)

    • I’m glad that it worked out for you! You can now try installing Cyanogenmod if you wish 😀

  • AZEn

    bro i cant understand ur procedure about install rom whn i go command prompt and type adb devices my prompt says not recognisable this command…. help me

  • AZEn

    yes i dwnload and install ANDROID SDK but idk what is use of sdk told me whole procedure plz

    • The command ADB devices can be recognized only if you have Android SDK installed!

  • AZEn

    ok now finally i installed ANDROID SDK nd i connected to device through command but other command doesnt work bro . i put custom recovery files in sd card nd strted command which gives u but i cant get it custom recovery mode help me bro …..

  • I have a problem with this tutorial. I have installed everything and do by tutorial. And when I connect the phone via USB and press “Launch Software Update” program says this:
    16:35:47 : Launching SW update
    16:35:47 : Unpacking KDZ
    16:35:50 : KDZ file extraced
    16:35:54 : Files were extracted.
    16:35:54 : LGMobileDL Load.
    16:35:54 : Port = -1
    16:35:54 : Connecting to phone
    16:35:59 : PHONE WAS NOT FOUND!
    16:36:01 : ===FINISHED===
    Please help! thanks

    • Have you installed the LG Drivers properly?

    • It is working. I repaired it. 🙂
      But I still have some problem.
      I am from Slovakia and my mobile is in English language and in language setting is not Slovak language.
      Is any Slovak localization?
      My firmware version is V10C.

  • konj

    :phone was not found!!!!

  • konj

    i went to your link and press “WINDOWS USB drive and than it start to download and than I instaled…

    • When you connect your phone to the PC with “USB Debugging enabled” you should see a notification on the PC which says “New hardware found”

  • konj

    oh dude my mistake everything is ok 😀

  • konj

    hy man i want to uninstall everything please tell me how …

    • Uninstall everything? Do you mean a factory reset?

  • André Toledo

    I did the root on LG Optimus Me P350 After Firmware Update and now when I turn up de cell it’s stuck on the androi logo screen, what do I do to unbrick it?

  • André Toledo

    I solved my problem doing a hard reset pressing END + SEND + VOL DOWN for 10 seconds. After that the cell raised from the death.

  • Ronnie

    Hi… Hey I’ve installed Cyanogenmod also and have even overclocked ma phone to 768 Mhz….. But the problem is weneva i try to overclock it to full 844 Mhz or a li’l more than 768Mhz, ma phone freezes……. And after a couple of secs the soft keys keep blinking constantly….. Is this any kinda bug…??? I’ve tried rebooting ma phone, but the same thing happens…..So far I’ve found, that the only way to resolve this condition, is to flash the rom and kernel again, wipe data and cache…….But the problem is, wid 768Mhz, some games keep crashing or freezing at times…. And cant install more than four HD games, in case to keep all installed games working smoothly…..:(

  • Ronnie

    Hey are you suggesting me to install ICE CREAM SANDWICH on LG OPTIMUS ME….???
    And hey I’ve found a rom of Android 2.3.4 for ma phone. I’m not sure, but hopefully it seems that everything (e.g; Bluetooth, Wifi etc) works…. But its an UNSIGNED rom…. Shall I give it a try…???
    And btw don’t we have a TASK MANAGER/ APP MANAGER like how one is present on original LG roms…?? They help to keep the memory free…….

  • Ronnie

    Whats the significance of wiping data and cache…?? Is it compulsory…?? If yes, then in which cases is it completely inevitable…?? Btw are you sure your phone, specifically LG P350, does not freeze when overclocking is done to 844Mhz….??

    • Wiping cache will prevent you from force close issues. I have no issues with 844MHz, you can view my video here and also the MIUI ROM which has been overclocked to 844MHz. However one of our reader has suggested this in an email to me:

      Hey try 786mhz min 480mhz its stable:)

  • Ronnie

    768Mhz is quite stable but only until I launch any game like NFS SHIFT or ASPHALT 5… As soon as I launch them, ma phone dies….
    Btw, I’m going to try a testing kernel which allows overclocking upto 864Mhz… Will post ma results soon…:)

  • Ronnie

    Dude what does Kernel Panic mean…?? Any ideas..?? And what about that APP MANAGER…???

    • Sometimes the kernel crashes which is termed as kernel panic. App manager lets you see which apps are running in the background!

  • Ronnie

    whats the lower frequency that you use with 844Mhz….???

    • Max 786mhz & min 480mhz is stable for most of them, however it worked well at 844 for me 😉

  • Ronnie

    Yeah, I know what an APP MANAGER is meant for….. 🙂 I’m asking that isn’t it available for this Cyanogenmod….??? Or grossly say, for any custom roms…???
    And about that kernel that allows overclocking upto 864Mhz….. I didn’t find any working links to get it downloaded…… Searched almost everywhere possible…. Google shows numerous results but when i go on that site, the most common comment i found was ” The file has been deleted or removed.”…..
    Anyways, that setting has worked out for me too…. 787Mhz-480Mhz is stable for me too…:) ty….:)
    Btw which kernel are you using…??? “v0.1-rc1” or the updated one i.e; “v0.1-rc3″…….

    • You have task manager in CyanogenMod. And, I am using pax0r’s kernel which has a good battery life and I have overclocked to 844MHz. If you have seen my video on the MIUI ROM, you will see how stable the ROM is and extremely fast. Also, I play games (1 or 2), use Wi-Fi + Mobile Data & listen to music in my college (because I hardly study :P) from morning 6.40 A.M to evening 5.30 P.M The battery however remains at around 20% which I guess is quite good 😀

  • Ronnie

    whoa…. that’s almost 12 hrs of day…. even I’ve have college from 9 am to 5 pm and I don’t study too….;) always keep searching stuff on internet…. nowadays upgrading the phone, is on the top of de list….. Man, my colleagues – they go dumstruck after hvng a glimpse of ma phone features…. Everybody keeps on asking, “how did you do this….???”…:) Hey can u provide me a link for downloading the kernel that you are using….. I wanna give it a try…..:) hope it works out…:)

  • Ronnie

    Hey, I think I’ve installed that pax0r’s kernel….Actually I’m quite confused, cuz the installation got aborted automatically but somhow the kernel appears to be installed…I had turned off the verification toggle…… but still the installation got aborte but now the name of ma kernel in ABOUT PHONE index got changed….. Anyways tell me how to tix kernel panic……??

  • jeff

    how can i root my lg optimus me its firmware is v10e

  • jeff

    lalit pls help me i update my firmware using kdz when the processing is on going there is error message pop-up step: upgrade error error code = 4008
    when i reboot it keeps on repeating on boot. pls help me

    • Sorry, I did not understand. What does it keep on repeating?

  • Manju

    Hi Lalit,

    Could you please just help me How to do the following things after rooting the phone.

    1. How i can remove systems application with an sample example.
    2. How i can make the downloaded application as a system application.
    3. And is there any chance that i can unroot my device after doing all this.

    please answer/help me.


    • To unroot it, you can use Gingerbreak. For the rest two, you can use Titanium Backup

  • Felipe Alex

    Please Mr. Lalit Indoria, i need your help!
    while i did the process of firmware update everything is gone be fine..
    But when i finished, and turn on my phone, repeated the message “the process has stopped uexpectedly. please try again.”
    any idea how can I fix this?

  • vaishu

    hello.. i really have to congratulate u bhai for this awsome work u hav been doin…!!!

    but i got a problem… i bought my p350 during decmbr 2011 … it came wid v10f pre installd… nw when i run ginger break, it jus goes on and doesnt root… i hav even waited for it for an hour… pls help yaar!!!!!

  • Mitesh

    Plzz help
    Stuck for 5 to 6 hours on gingerbreak

    Running Exploit message…
    Plzzz help..!!!

  • Jamie

    Thank you so much for getting back too me so soon i appreciate that unfortunately i cannot even get ginger break to show in the internal sd card i can not excess that part of the device i tried placeing ginger break on external sd card and same result not showing up there either once the device is switched on i am totally lost on how i can get it too show i was at the device for nearly 8 hours i will not be beaten by this device pal need help seriously thanks

    • I didn’t get “i cannot even get ginger break to show in the internal sd card” Is it that you are not able to access your memnory card?

    • Jamie

      I can not access internal memory to place gingerbreak and i put external sd card in the device i get to see whats on sd card via laptop but once i remove device from pc it does not show the files i placed on the sd card so i can not run ginger break ( When pressed the menu key on the fone all installed apps are shown and there’s a section named downloads but nothing i place on sd card is there to view) but music and pictures can be view and listened to via gallery and music app, I hope i have explained it better there Lalit and i hope you can help me solve this plz

    • Try to use ASTRO File Manager to read your SD card. If you still can not read your SD card files, make a factory reset!

  • Mitesh Shah

    I cant root my phone..
    Gingerbreak stuck on running exploit….
    Using V10f on my phone..

    Please help..

    • Use Superoneclick. A reader has just rooted v10f using Superoneclick!

  • Jamie

    @lalit i have tried superoneclick and it stops responding when i did finally get it to run it said operation ended not allowed so i will try to root with the earlier suggestion you gave with a file manager like ASTRO thankyou for all your help i am sure we have solved this now thanks Lalit

  • My p350 is not rooting,I am using v10f.Help me plz

  • Mitesh Shah

    You told to root v10f using super one click… Can You please give me steps too…???

  • Mitesh Shah

    That megaupload link for superoneclick…
    can u please give me a step by step tutorial

  • sathwik

    the site you provided to download software update is not working( please provide another link.

  • gaurav

    i flashed MIUI rom on my rooted lg optimus me …then after 2 days i flashed stock rom v10f using kdz updater to roll back to stock rom but after flashing my mobile it is not starting ,it is stuck on android logo…i have nt used my mobile since 2 weeks ..lalit please help me .

    • Gaurav, just turn off your phone, press the Volume Down+Call button and holding both press the power button. This will reset your phone and it will start!

  • Shanu

    I would like to root my optimus me but im worried abut the chance of gettibg brick 🙁 what shall i do next if my phone became brick ??

    • The second method in this tutorial can be used to unbrick it. Almost everyone who commented here has rooted his LG Optimus me. I can guarantee you full support but I must not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong!

  • jayaram

    hai sir can u plz tell me how to root my new lg optimus net p690

    i had an dbt root phn causes manufacturer warranty

    root a phn is best thing r not

    can i install 4.0 on my phn

    plz reply me sir

    if u r frm andhra i can easily clarify my dbts

    plz send ur mobile no sir i had an small dbt i want to ask u by voice

  • Shrey

    i ran gingerbreak n superuser also got installed after reboot…but i dont wether it got rooted or not? coz i m not able uninstall preloaded apps 🙁

  • Ivaylo

    Thank you. It worked, although this KDZ updater is awfully buggy and damn stupid 🙂

  • André Ranolfi

    I can not install the firmware of my lg P350 downloaded the KDZ did it all just in time to connect the player to the computer simply does not give me any option at KDZ why?? My windows 7 64bit is the

    • I didn’t understand your line “connect the player to the computer ” The KDZ updater runs in Windows. You just need to select the .KDZ file, connect your phone to PC in emergency mode and run the KDZ updater!

  • André Ranolfi

    I made this process more when I open KDZ not open it after me the option to change anything

  • Saurabh

    i have V10f version ….. which method should i use……

  • Saurabh

    How to put android 4.3 on lg optimus me…………….

    • The developers are working. We will post it here as soon as it is out.

  • anudeep

    hey after i said launch software update log screen shows finished but phone is still in emergency mode wat to do

  • anudeep

    hey phone is not detected and i m running this on linux so i need some help
    the install software update says phone not connected

    • You must install the appropriate drivers for Linux.

  • Saurabh

    nothing happens on my phone when i use super one click……..
    doesnt show any progress………

  • Saurabh

    when i use super one click…… nothing happens after 2nd step……..

  • anudeep

    while updating software using kdz everything works fine until last i get an error saying upgrade error
    and phone stays in emergency mode only
    if i remove battery and try gingerbreak it says dont no wat happened but try switching off the phone and switching it on and check for superuser and super user is not installed wen i do that only thing is i get gscriptlite installed on the phone

  • shilajit

    thnk u.. LI ur 2nd method was useful.. i cld successfully root my fone.. thnk u.. !!!

  • Shilajit

    using ur 2nd method i couid root my fone successfully.. but i find internet is not working… !!!!!

    • Go to settings>wireless & networks>mobile data and enter the APN settings!

  • Shilajit

    i rooted my device successfully using 2nd method.. but my internet is not working.. help!!!

    • Please go to wireless and networks in settings and select Mobile Networks and then enter the APN details!

  • Shilajit

    Mr.lalit.. i hv 2 queries..
    1. after root using ur method does the android version shows that its v2.3 ?? (coz i cnt undrstnd if its rooted properly )
    2. after rooting, my phn is not showing notifications after making calls n texting( balance notifications ).. any solutions ??

  • Julius

    Hello. I have a problem with this phone. Yesterday I was trying to flash my PG P350, but during the update (using the kdz and V10F) it crashed (at least i guessed so) and the phone just turned off. After few minutes later i tried to t urn of my phone but nothing happened, and i unplugged it from pc. Now it doesn’t turn off and don’t “react” to my computer. IS my phone bricked? 🙁

    • Julius

      SOrry for the mistakes: LG P350 and ..tried to turn on my phone..

    • Are you able to boot into emergency mode?

  • Julius

    No, nothing happens at all. Can’t turn it on, or charge the battery. It’s just pitch black on the screen. And PC is not seeing it as attached through USB.

  • Daryll Swer

    I installed the v10c rom but now my phone boot loops on the android logo.
    I tried going into recovery but it just gets stuck.

  • vaibhav

    its v10f and when i root using kdz at last its says phone not found i have install lg driver too pls help

    • Try to use Superoneclick for V10f! People have reported Superoneclick working for V10f

  • For me say “upgrade error” WParam: 100
    LParam: 4008

    • Did you try Superoneclick? Hopefully, it might work out for you!

  • What to do with oneclick… :S
    I don’t know how to use that.. OMG help please me i can’t fix it up 🙁

    • Just connect your phone to pc in USB Debugging and run the SUperoneclick program in your PC and click on root. Simple 🙂

    • vaibhav

      pn my phone i am having a problem of force close issue of lg home it not opning the menu i have rooted the phone but not install custom recovery so what to do pls helpppp

    • Boot into recovery and use the option to “fix permissions”

    • gvk harshith

      hiii my phone has become slows and hangs for every moment even if i wanted to call anyone it one it opens for two mints wt shuld i do

    • since this is the problem, you will have to reinstall the ROM using KSZ updater. you should enter Energency mode by pressing VOL down + call key + power key(call end key). then you can use the KDZ updater.(you should select energency mode option in the KDZ updater) and you should have installed the LG drivers for the phone!

  • That is ok, but my phone can’t turn on only in emergency mode.. :S and i can’t debugging phone… I need something to restore my android version on stock.. Like I was buy.. I love this phone and if u can help me please :(…
    I try to master reset and and it didn’t work, and a lots of trying and nothing.
    SRy for bad english

    • What happens when you turn off and press the key combo to turn on in Emergency mode ?

  • Rohan

    Hey! What should be the firmware version??? Mine is V10F

  • Rohan

    Thanks dude! SuperOneClick is awesome & easy too!

  • Prasanna

    my phone not restarting after update of stock rom

    • Prasanna

      sorry it restarted but took 5 min

  • Shilajit

    Can i increase my internal memory in LG P350???

    • Yes it is possible but I have not tried it!

    • Nope!! but you can use Link2SD to completely move your application files and data to another SD partition its really awesome!

  • faikar

    sir, i got stuck at screen android, can you help me? thanks 🙂

    • faikar

      i mean android logo sir, please help me 🙁

    • Boot into recovery and wipe cache, and then reboot again!

    • how to Boot in Recovry mode?

    • press and hold VOLUME down + call button + power(call end)

  • sreejith

    tank uuuuuuuu

  • Mitesh

    its working…………
    thanks a lot…yup 🙂

  • prince

    wohoo!! worked on my cell!!

  • Jayanth

    plz dude ….help me 2 root ma device

  • Jayanth

    helo …guyz anu one der plz help me ……for dat

  • Akash

    Sir my phone is not rooting i have tried using superoneclick and gingerbreak app as well but it still not worked

  • riza

    after bricking back to the stock rom my phone does not start it stops at the android logo plls help

    • Wipe cache from recovery mode!

    • How to get into recovery mode?

    • I press volume down, call and power, but i dont go into recovery mode :s i just get stuck on the LG logo. I think I forgot to wipe cache before updating to the stock rom.

    • Wait i got it sorted. Thanks 🙂

    • Joel Diaz Quiroga

      How did you sort it? I have the same problem stuck on the Android logo

    • press VOL down + call + power.. press the power button at last or it might tey to boot into your ROM than recovery!

  • can i root device using ginger break v1.2 app???? lg optimus me p350 tell me

    • Xda say’s you can, but it didn’t work for me. Try superoneclick its the best!

  • when i re connect my cell it was searching files and at that time i click on launch software button and now my cell has been stop on start up….

    • Remove battery and Press Volume Down+ Call + Power button together.

  • plss comment fst

  • my cell has been stuck now

  • Antreas Stylianou

    where everything else failed,tried all methods in this article,minus the KDZ Updater method,tried the one that folks at Facebook informed you,and worked like a charm,thank you mate,finally after half a day or failed attempts

  • vaibhav

    pls help me as my phone p350 is saying force close issue on lg hone when i start the phone so pls kindly give inf for this i hv try kdz updater too

  • gvk harshith

    hiii can i upgrade my mobile software when i downloaded the lg pc suite and drivers it shows that yur phone is already upgraded but i cudnt upgrade my mobile my android vrsion is 2.2.2. foyo

  • anzoanzo77

    i have a problem too. when i open superuser it says: No apps in list. I want to delete some of the applications. What can i do? 😀

    • Superuser will show only those apps that have root permission.To delete apps, install Titanium Backup application

  • Mansionmode

    I exactly as said. But after FINISHED. My phone did not turn off it continued in EMErgency mode….

  • Bernard

    hi,i have a problem,i rooted my phone long time ago,and i instaled custom rom,but i want to have stock ROM,when i pressed “launch software update it”,its good and then says “OnModelDIImsg(OnMsgFromModelDII3GQCT_PDA)delete m_pl…..”i dont know what should i do,please help :S

    • What settings did you choose in the KDZ updater?

    • Bernard

      never mind bro,i fixed it,i unbricked the phone

  • HIII UR LINK mentioned in the above steps is not working.. .
    download official LG Stock Rom for P350. plzz fix it.. .!!

    B4 I root my MOBILE i want to make sure that i can get my Official stock rom back in my LG p350…

    thanks in Advance. . !! 🙂
    -Mahesh Babu


    File not found. Can you reupload to another host? Tks

  • Maki Pascual

    Good day sir ! please help me, im havin hard time with this. im always having “MOD UpTestEX MFC Application has stopped working” i dont know what to do, i was searching for some solution but non work >.<

  • Not Found

    The requested object does not exist on this server. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it. Please inform the site administrator of the referring page.

    Can you reupload stock firmware to another file hosting?
    Thanks you.


    Helow sir plz help me in rooting my lg p350′!I.m from philippines!
    build no:FRG83
    software version:
    plz give me tutorial sir in rooting my phone,because gingerbreak don’t work in my phone it juST stuck in rooting!

  • biswajit

    Hy lalit bhai….i m from lg p350‘s kernel vetsion lg [email protected]#2wed oct 12 number FRG83..and software version v10F-oct-12-2011…i have tried sevarel rooting process like gingerbreak,z4root,unlockroot..etc bt no one able to root my phone…as because my software version is v10f so why should i update firmware???please help me bro…what should i do…..(sorry for my bad english)…..

  • Šerif Šaldic

    how remove emergency mode

  • bikash singh

    sir plz help me my lg p350 no services problem (network notfound)

  • vinayak

    Thanks Bro!!!

  • amit

    how to download this file

  • amit

    Pls giv mi Ans