HOW TO Root LG Optimus Me P350 After Firmware Update

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LG Optimus Me P350 is a low end Android phone with not very good performance. I own one but I’m not pretty happy with its performance but it does its job considering its price and is much better than its competitors Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Pop. Rooting such a low end Android phone is advisable as it improves the performance and you can also uninstall apps like LG Mobile TV, uninstall stock music application and install ICS Music player and much more. (I’m eagerly waiting to taste ICS on this device ;))

Why Should You Root Your Device?

I guess I’m the one who can give you the best answer about it as I have a rooted LG Optimus Me in my hand and yes, I did the right job. Here are a few reasons for the same:

  • Rooting lets you customize your device in a much better way as you can access the root files of Android OS.
  • You can remove system Apps such as LG TV (only if you don’t like it ;)) and free up space on your phone. LG Optimus Me offers 190MB of free space which is quite less isn’t it?
  • Convert the file system of current RFS to the faster ext4 file formats
  • Convert Downloaded apps to system Apps
  • Install Custom ROMs is the best advantage of rooting LG Optimus Me. After rooting it, you can install Custom Recovery or a Cyanogenmod Rom.

Why Should You Not Root Your Device

There are not many reasons for not rooting, however please note that your warranty would be void after you root your device or install custom ROMs. But this is not irreversible. You can always roll back to the stock ROM. The second method mentioned below lets you go back to stock ROM on LG Optimus Me P350. Just don’t root it in the second method and you will have the stock ROM + warranty 🙂 If you face any issues regarding this, you can comment below and I will be happy to help you!

The Steps to root can be found on Page 2.

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