HOW TO Add Facebook Subscribe Button to Websites

The Facebook Subscribe Button for Websites is live just a day after announcing. By now you must be aware of the functionality of the Subscribe Button for profiles. When you subscribe to a user on Facebook, you would be able to see all the public posts of that user in your News Feed. The Subscribe … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Disable Facebook Sidebar Ticker

After a recent announcement by Facebook to update their new privacy features, they have now introduced the Facebook sidebar ticker. I have already discussed about a few reasons why I love & hate the Facebook sidebar in my previous post. You can also refer it if you haven’t seen the ticker yet. … [Read more...]

Watch Youtube Videos With Friends in Private Sessions

You can easily share YouTube videos with your friends through Social Media but it had been tough to watch YouTube videos together with your friends. Yes, it had been but it is really easy now. You can watch YouTube videos with your friends using I recently came across this web … [Read more...]

Send & Reply to Texts on your iPhone From Computer

Connecting your Phone to the PC for various tasks would be of great use if you are a Computer Addict like me. I had recently written about how to send & reply to text messages on your Android from PC using DeskSMS app for Android. And this post will tell you how to send SMS on your iPhone using … [Read more...]

HOW TO Stream & Share Youtube Videos Within Facebook & Chrome

Recently I wrote about how to load Youtube Videos faster and control Youtube videos volume using mouse scrolling. But do you know any application which lets you stream and share Youtube videos within Facebook? I haven’t come across any such application yet. +Music is a Chrome Extension which lets … [Read more...]

HOW TO Protect your SmartPhone

This is a guest post by Lauren. If you wish to write one, kindly check out our guidelines to write a guest post. Smart phones are great tools for centralizing your resources.  People regularly utilize applications on their smart phones to store social, personal, and financial data.  … [Read more...]

HOW TO Snooze Your Gmail Messages

We might often receive mails which we wish we could have received later. When you are in such a situation, you would perhaps move the mail to a separate folder  (and forget it later :P) This would be very inconvenient when you have to remember that you need to check an email at a later point of … [Read more...]

Search & Download Files of All Types On

If you were to search for something, you would prefer Google in most cases. I do the same but I end up disappointed on Google when I wish to download free files. When you use Google to search for a file, you will be disappointed very often, because Google would not offer that file type (like mp3 and … [Read more...]

Automatically Forward Text Messages From Phone to PC [Android]

If you have been working on the PC, it becomes quit difficult for you to chat with someone on your mobile or check your mobile for text messages. This trick will make your work easier but all you need is an Android phone. Previously I had written about how to turn on your PC from your Android phone, … [Read more...]

6 Sites To Get Google+ Vanity URL

So you have created an account on Google+ and are really loving it? Perhaps you would, except the URL of your profile which looks something like this: It is very long unlike Facebook where you can have your profile URL short like … [Read more...]